LSA Update

WellSky important update

WellSky has updated the LSA export in Community Services as of 11:15 AM Central on February 11, 2022. This update includes HUD Sample Code updates to address Error Flag 448-1 and an update to the method for calculating bed nights created as Service Transactions for Emergency Shelter Night By Night projects which addresses Warning flags 851 and 852.   Due to the applied HUD Sample Code change and change to the WellSky LSA export code, WellSky strongly recommends that each CoC generate a new LSA export for upload into HDX 2.0.  This recommendation does not apply to CoC's that have already cleared all of their Error and Warning flags.   

Updates on other common flags for WellSky CoC's:

  • Flag 779 (and other flags related to Head of Household and Client Location) can be resolved by repairing data related to Missing Relationship to Head of Household (HoH) values or where multiple Relationship to HoH is "Self" values exist.  Without correct HoH values, the Client Location cannot be populated for a household and mismatches of counts will appear.
    • Using the date range 10/1/2018 to 10/1/2021 (entire cohort) please run the 0266 - Head of Household and Client Location Data Quality v1 found in the ART Gallery to check for "Relationship to Head of Household" and "Client Location" data quality errors.
  • Flag 808 errors are due to a mismatch between Zip Code and Geo-Type.  On 2/10/2022 the WellSky support team sent each impacted client a file that includes the provider names that need to have information updated.
  • Flag 1244 has resolved as part of the prior updates to code and should be resolved upon the CoC's next upload.
  • Flag 684 has been reported to HUD as a potential error with the export specifications. This is still pending HUD review. 

Please create a case in the Client Community if you have further questions.