Women Are Influencing History


Shelterforce and Community Change continues its video series, Women of Color on the Front Lines. Above, Omari Ho-Sang talks about her work in Louisiana. Video by Gloria Chan of Community Change

Women Are Influencing History

Women play a hugely important role in shaping our communities, our nation, and our world. But their work—especially the work of women of color—is often overlooked. With the goal of lifting the voices and achievements of women who are working on the front lines of today’s most pressing issues, Shelterforce and Community Change released a four-part video series, Women of Color on the Front Lines, late last year.

March being Women’s History Month—an ideal time to celebrate the brave, bold, and thoughtful women who are influencing history—Shelterforce and Community Change have decided to continue that series this year, and every year in March.

This month you’ll witness the stories of Omari Ho-Sang, the founder and director of organizing for All Streets All People, and a coordinator for Black Votes Matter in Louisiana; and Mattye Berry-Evans, a resident service coordinator for Mercy Housing. We hope these women inspire you to share your own story. If you know a woman who should be featured in our series, let us know.

Donna Price, an organizer in Detroit

Donna experienced homelessness before landing in a position she once couldn’t imagine. "I sat in the room long enough until they put me at the table."

Idalia Rios, a community organizer in California

Idalia learned that even when advocacy begins with your own family, you have to fight for the entire community to achieve lasting change.

Vy Le, a resident services manager in Washington state

Vy's perseverance as an immigrant, unbeknownst to her, was preparation for a later fight to remove barriers for others facing similar challenges.

Cynthia Wiggins, a community leader in New Orleans

Cynthia was introduced to housing organizing earlier on in life and has been ceaseless in her efforts to help her community.

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